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Our customers are having tremendous success with premium liquid glucosamine formula Syn-flex! We encourage you to give it a try. We offer a full money back guarantee! Read the testimonials and success stories below.

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Never thought I’d be writing to anyone about their arthritis product. After five days, I felt a difference. I’m into my third week. I am able to shake hands with people, clench my fists, and hold a pencil. I simply cannot believe that this product works, BUT IT DOES!

I have started my 85 year old mother, and my brother on Syn-flex. After only seven days my brother started walking again, relatively pain-free.

This product is awesome. I have told lots of others about it, and they are ordering on their own. Thank you so very much for making this product available.

Most sincerely,
Mt. Laurel, NJ

This is to let you know I have had good success with the Syn-flex. I have had 4 knee surgeries on my left knee and 1 surgery on my right knee .I am 49 yrs old and have been an athlete all my life until 5 yrs ago when I started have severe knee problems that date back to 1980. I took Celebrex for a while which did work but I am also Hep C positive non-reactive and was concerned for my liver and Celebrex so I decided to try this liquid glucosamine and have found that it has helped lessen my pain and has taken away my need for Celebrex.

I also have a cat “Matthew” who has hip dysplasia and he has had great success with Syn-flex as well.

Ellen Newton
Jacksonville, FL

I have been taking Syn-flex for about a month now, 1/4 oz. every morning. I have about finished the first bottle, and I certainly do feel an improvement in joint movement and pain relief, especially the knees. Will tell you more after the second bottle


I have been taking Syn-flex regularly for 6 weeks, a 1/4 oz. dose every morning, and my pains in the knees have practically disappeared. I would never have believed this. I am certainly going to continue on this product.

Geneva, Switzerland

Prior to receiving Syn-flex, I had a serious bout of Gout and arthritis on my knee caused probably by my insistence in playing 5 a side football (soccer). I was taking the usual medicines from my GP such as Indomethicine and Rhoumox, together with Co-Proxomal pain killers. These had been doing very little for me and, I had arranged to re-visit my GP when your Syn-flex arrived. Because of business commitments, I was not due to see the GP until 4 days after the arrival of Syn-flex.

Within the four days however, whilst taking Syn-flex, I had a positive lessening of pain and a vast improvement in my knee flexibility, to such an extent that when I visited my GP I had to report an improvement, but at this time did not tell him why I thought that was. Being in the inspection and consultancy business, I needed to ensure for myself that it was not a coincidence, so after a week, when almost 100% flexibility and no pain had been achieved I stopped taking Syn-flex to see what the reaction was.

Needless to say some twinges returned. I have now continued with the Syn-flex and although I am 55 years old, I am back on the golf course and re-considering returning to the football field. I have no doubt at this stage that the Syn-flex is helping the cause. I am spreading the good news and when it is time to re-order I am sure I will be re-ordering for members of my family and friends.

Rotherham, South Yorkshire
United Kingdom

I started taking Syn-flex along with my husband on May 2nd, we have both noticed a remarkable difference, I am almost pain free, after years of agony. I think Syn-flex is marvelous and am telling all my friends and relatives.

I love that the president of the company cares enough to e-mail his customers. It would be hard for me to tell you how severe my pain was, and how limited it made my life, I am feeling so much better, and making plans again to go shopping , and to places where immediate seating may not be possible. Things like this I haven`t done in a few years, unless I was taking steroids at the time. For the past several years my Doctor would put me on steroids a couple of times a year to get me through some really rough spots, and while I was taking the steroids, I would feel really terrific, and would be able to do lots of things that I normally wouldn’t be up to doing. Taking Syn-flex I feel almost that good, without the nasty side affects. I am still taking the Bextra once a day with the Syn-flex, and soon I am going to try getting off the Bextra. I have already stopped taking the Darvocette that I was taking with the Bextra. I was taking Bextra once a day, and Darvocette two to four times a day . I am very excited about getting off the Darvocette, and am very much looking forward to dropping the Bextra. All in good time, I don`t want to rush it.

I wish I could find the words to tell you how grateful I am for your product. It has truly enhanced my quality of life so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

It’s taken me a while to get back to you regarding Syn-flex for good reason. I had to be sure it was working for me. Here’s my story:

When the doctor reattached a ligament in my right shoulder over 2 years ago he told me that he would be replacing that joint within 2 years. At 71 years of age I was determined he would NOT do it and began a search for something that would repair the condition.

I tried the popular glucosamine capsules for a year with very little, if any, results. For the last six months I’ve been using Syn-flex. Within two months the pain was reduced by 75 per cent and functionality was increased dramatically. Now after six months I have COMPLETE mobility and NO pain whatsoever. Without a doubt the doctor will NOT be replacing my shoulder joint – I have a perfectly good one now. The next step is to pay a visit to the doctor and give him the information on Syn-flex – hopefully to share with his patients.


Don Bone
Lake Orien, MI

You were soooo right… It was really does make my knees feel better. Thank you for the relief!!


Update: My arthritis is much better than it has been….thanks to your wonderful Syn-flex! I still have days when I am stiff, and my knees ache….but nothing compared to what it was before I found you and your wonderful formula! Thank you a million times over…. I am hooked and will never live without you!

Oswego, New York

Letter from U.S. Marine Triathlete SSgt. William Gavigan

The Ironman (2.4 mile swim 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run) I’m doing is OCT 19th. I’ve started my distance training. Saturdays consist of 100 mile bike rides and a run while Sundays are 15+ mile runs and a 1 hour bike. Working out 20+ hours a week would cause, In the past, my knees to be very swollen after only 10 mile of running. I’d spend the afternoon Icing and the next 2 days with “water on the knee”, taking anti inflammatory just to bring it down. Since taking SYN-FLEX I have not had ONE pain or swollen joint, it’s amazing. The performance of my training and racing have gone way up because I can put in the hard workouts that pay off on race day. The only down side is that there are no more excuses on why I can’t perform.

How I used Syn-flex – On long training days I use the initial load amount, 1/2 oz. ( 6 hour workouts) I also use this amount after races due to the pounding on my body. On Normal days or days off I take the suggested amount. On long rides I also put a serving into my fuel bottle (carbs and protein) for preventive maintenance.

I’ve used all kinds of Joint complexes in the past but I know this is the best. I was skeptical when I saw the web page because it was marketed for older people, but being an avid label reader I knew it was the amount I needed. After trying it I was positive Syn-flex is the best.

SSgt Gavigan
Leader of Marines
All Marine Triathlete

My Mother who is 84, has enjoyed in her words”amazing” results from Syn-flex. After less that 14 days of use, she had regained feeling in her thumb as well as almost complete mobility in her hands. She is a very skeptical person and would never admit something was helping unless it was very, very effective. Nor would she continue to take it so faithfully. As a result, she again is able to enjoy her passion for gardening.

Mike & Kathi Rolbeck
Placerville, CA

Letter from Syn-flex user Steven J. Wozny
75 year old, former home builder

I am not a young man by any means any more, but I have always been a very active person. After working 31 years in home building, I retired in 1980. With retirement, however, came increasing pain in my hands and fingers. This pain occurred often and was most prevalent upon awaking from a night’s sleep. Many mornings, I had to run my hands under hot water for several minutes just so I would be able to move them.

I visited the doctors, and, after many exams the diagnosis was that I had developed osteoarthritis. I tried prescription pills but these did not solve the problem. I tried “miracle cure” after “miracle cure,” but none of these did anything. I was so fed up that I almost accepted the pain.

My son, Dr. Kenneth Wozny, gave me new hope, however. He had been reading about your product, Syn-flex, and was very impressed by the range and quality of ingredients, and its liquid formulation. He purchased a bottle and mailed it to me. This was approximately two months ago.

I followed the recommended dosage, ¼ oz. per day, and completed the bottle. During this time, I noted a great deal of pain relief. I was once again able to move my hands freely and write clearly.

Unaware that I should continue taking the product, after the first bottle I did not take any more. Within two weeks, however, my pain began to return. I have since ordered many more bottles.

I am now using Syn-flex every day, and I am very pleased to report that it is working wonders for me. My search for pain relief is over. I can now close my hands to make a fist, I can now hold a pen and write legibly and pain free. I have also taken up all the activities I used to do in my younger days.

I am a firm believer in Syn-flex, and have recommended it to all my friends and I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from joint pain and osteoarthritis. My sincere thanks and gratitude to Activex America and Syn-flex.

Steven J. Wozny
Temecula, California

During a consultation with a Chiropractor, he suggested that my cartilage had begun to degenerate leading to arthritic type pain. Having finally managed to make an appointment with my G.P and get the time off work to do so, my doctor believes I am suffering from a condition he calls “impingement” in my left shoulder but after having the join x-rayed, he does not think that it is arthritic.

In spite of this, my shoulder has been very painful-right up until the time I started taking Syn-flex on a regular basis. It definitely reduces the pain and allows a greater range of mobility and flexibility of the joint and just about every other joint in body too. Quite important when you are running around in a factory for twelve hours and constantly having to lift and drag and pull things around and not able to do so with thought to your own safety as if you did- the job simply would not get done in time. Before taking Syn-flex my shoulder would become very painful and would almost locked so that I could not lift my arm. Since I started using Syn-flex this has not happened again for the last two months and the pain is no longer such a problem- at least it has receded to a level I can live with and so that I am absolutely exhausted with tolerating it by the time I get home. I find that taking Syn-flex in the evening or the morning respectively before a 12hour day/night shift (involving stacking of boxes of product from two machines wrapping palettes by hand and moving the product around the factory by hand trucks which is physically very demanding) allows me to do my job without being in constant pain and without having to constantly take high doses of pain killers for three weeks until the next block of days off appears on my shift. I am also taking anti-inflammatory tablets as prescribed by my G.P and start a course of physiotherapy this weekend.

I do not doubt that the tablets prescribed by my G.P and also helping but I have found on experimentation that if I don’t take them- but do take the Syn-flex I can get through another hard shift. I started taking the Syn-flex about a fortnight before I managed to get to see my doctor and it did make a huge difference.

Regards and best wishes,
Mr Richard C Monks
Northwich, England

Thank you for your product! It is amazingly effective and just within a few days of usage. I am an avid weight lifter and love working out. But, sometimes too hard and this past January I hurt my right elbow, which my doctor diagnosed as “Tennis Elbow / Tendonitis”. He gave me samples of a drug called Celebrex, which after 3 weeks of usage did absolutely nothing to assist in healing my elbow. My trainer at the gym recommended I try Glucosamine, so I decided to do my own research on the net and came across your website and Syn-Flex product. I decided to give it a try and within 1 week my elbow was much better. It has taken approximately 2 months of usage for the product to heal me completely, but it was well worth it, because I am now able to lift even more than I was before my injury.

Also, while my sister was visiting me from Detroit this past April, I told her about the product and she decided to try it instead of using her over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory product, Aleve, which she was taking for a very severe slipped disk injury in her lower back. She took 1 dose in the morning and did not have any pain in her back all day. She was amazed, because she had been using Aleve for 2 years straight since her injury occurred. She swears by your product now and that is all she uses on a daily basis now for her back.

So, thanks again for creating such a wonderful product!


Jeanne T. Leddy
Star Media Enterprises, Inc.
Software Engineer

As for Syn-flex,—————I am so amazed! It is working! I have tried so many products, –over-the-counter, as well as prescription. Nothing ever helped, until SYN-FLEX! I am feeling so much better!!!!!!! I have been taking Syn-flex almost 6 weeks,—————–what a difference it has made in my life,-especially in the past two weeks.

I have given my brochures to friends, and do not have any more. I would appreciate it, if you would send me some brochures to give to family & friends. I want everyone with arthritis to try Syn-flex! It really works! I am going to see my physician next week. She is younger than I am, & she suffers from arthritis as well. I want to take her some brochures when I go to see her next week.

I am so excited! When I first started feeling better, I actually did not think about the Syn-flex! When I continued to feel even better, it dawned on me,—————–it is the Syn-flex!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy that I found out about Syn-flex!!!!!!! Believe me,—-I will continue to promote Syn-flex. Anytime I can help someone ease the pain of arthritis, I want to do so.

Betty M.
Sarasota, Florida

I was diagnosed about five years ago at the age of 46 with a relatively mild case of osteoarthritis in my knees. The primary symptoms were a tendonitis-like soreness in the knees, an inability to completely flex the knee joints, and some arthritic “growths” behind the patella which were visible in X-Rays. I wasn’t able to run comfortably. Walking downhill or down a set of steps was painful. I had inflammation in the area of the stabilizing ligaments inside the knee and my left knee in particular tended to lock up when walked any distance.

Your product, Syn-flex, seemed to be pointed out on the Internet as one of the most effective products for this condition. I decided that the liquid form and the more robust ingredients in your product made sense. I went to my doctor to talk to him about my condition and showed him your product. He was enthusiastic about it and liked the formulation. (He said that he used something very similar for his dog which had been hit by a car and the dog is very active now which he doesn’t believe would be the case without the supplements). He encouraged me to continue.

I have been using Syn-flex for about 12 days now (1/2 oz. – which I plan to cut down to 1/4 oz. soon). At the same time I restarted a weight loss diet and increased my frequency at the gym to strengthen the knees in particular. The pain has subsided considerably in both knees and my mobility and flexibility has improved noticeably. I am especially pleased with the improvement in my left knee which I wasn’t sure of due to the added problems there. I ordered more of the product to continue with it and plan to be back up to an optimal activity level within a couple of weeks. I am hopeful and believe that this is a good course for recovering and maintaining my mobility.

San Diego, California

Update: 2 months later

I’m doing well and believe in the product. I use it daily to manage arthritis in my knees. My doctor says I have a pretty good case characterized by arthritic crepitations in both knees. However, I don’t intend to let that stop me. With an active exercise program, Syn-flex, and an effort at weight management I’m moving forward. Some days are better than others, but I believe that my overall condition is much improved.

San Diego, California

I only ordered one bottle for me and one of my rescue dogs to share. I followed your instructions and doubled my dosage for the first week. The results were incredible. I can open tightly sealed jars again and grasp very thick files at work with one hand and 2 weeks ago, both would have been impossible. Barkli is prancing on our walks and isn’t afraid to jump up on the chair because he knows he can do it. Your product is amazing and I’m telling all my friends about it.

Joanne Folkerts
Roselle, Illinois

I do not have arthritis, but my wife, Angela, my mother-in-law who is 91 and has crippling arthritis and my grandson, Samson has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I originally got your Syn-flex for my wife and mother-in-law. My wife has arthritis in her hands and wrists, very painful. Since taking Syn-flex (about 3 months) her pain has diminished to occasional aches when she over works her hands. My mother-in-law, Mary, has deformed fingers, hands and feet, uses a wheel chair whenever she leaves the house. She has been using syn-flex for 2 months and says her constant pain has diminished and she now has more good days than bad ones. We were told by “JRA specialists” that Samson has JRA after a six day stay in a local hospital. They immediately (against our wishes) put him on Naprosyn.

My wife and I, my daughter Cindy and son-in-law have been vegetarians for past 14 years and take all necessary supplements. We have not had any sickness since we started. I have no faith in alopathic medicine since my last (of 5) heart attack 15 years ago. For 4 years I followed my doctors orders to the letter and continued to have these attacks which put me in the hospital for from one to three weeks. After the last attack I decided to take my life in my own hands, stopped going to my cardiologist and other “specialists”, stopped taking all prescribed drugs, spent 6 months researching and reading (I am still reading and listening) and learned we are what we eat and drink.

I am now 76 and feel better and do more than I ever have. I am very concerned about Samson and the doctors he is forced to see every other week. His last visit was last thursday. His blood test (they draw blood every time he goes) now shows he is anemic, which is a side effect from the Naprosyn. Cindy has been giving Sam Syn-flex as per your recommendation for the past 3 weeks and we are going to start weaning him off the naprosyn. We have also started him on an herbal supplementation program to eliminate his anemia. (his “doctors” say food and drink have nothing to do with his health) In the three weeks since starting his Syn-flex sam has had very little stiffness and his fevers are diminishing.

Thank you for your help,
Charles Schneider
Huntington, NY

I am writing to thank you especially for Syn-flex.

After suffering from worn out cartilage from an injury received to my right knee from a minor motorbike accident (about 20 years ago – I am now 49) I tried “Syn-flex”.

I recently had an arthroscopy procedure & it was confirmed that I had a bone-on-bone situation – arthritis in my left knee joint. The surgeon said that I would have to have an artificial knee joint procedure to correct the problem. He said that he felt that I was too young at present & recommended cortisone injections in the meantime.

I was shattered to hear this as I am a keen skier & my job (I am a photographer) frequently takes me out into inaccessible places to photograph sports events, nature etc.

I decided to do something about my situation rather than just accept it. I researched the “web” & found your site & product. In about 15 days I was able to walk without a limp & the pain has now almost completely gone! From feeling like an “old man” before my time I am now feeling like I have my life back again. Thank you Mr Rogers and Activex America- so much!

Please feel free to use my name (in full) for your testimonial list.

John F. Collins
Napier, New Zealand

When I first heard of Syn-flex I was a little bit skeptical of what the advertisements said it would do. But what the heck I’ve tried everything else since 1984 when the doctors said I had arthritis in both knees and to just go home and learn to live with it, which I tried to do. but not too successfully. Flare-ups were frequent and very painful. After hundreds of prescriptions and thousands of dollars I had every reason to be skeptical of anything new. I believe in giving anything at least a 30 day trial before making a decision. I started on Syn-Flex , 1/4 oz. every morning on December 1st and by December 5th I did not have any pain and absolutely NO PAIN since that day. Today is New Years Day and a new beginning for me. I plan on taking Syn-flex for the rest of my life and avoid medications and operations. I’m 76 years old and plan on being out of this wheel-chair before another birthday rolls around. Thank you Syn-flex!

Laura Bohanan
Gilmer, Texas

The Syn-flex is doing fine and my arthritis is almost pain free. It is predominant in my digits (fingers) and while there is still some lack of symmetry, my fingers are looking more normal. I will be a continuous user of your product and thank you for making it available.

Bill M. Williams, Ph.D., C.T.A.
Palm Harbor, FL

I’m really starting to see the results from Syn-flex. I had shoulder surgery two weeks ago to remove the bundle of cartilage from my shoulder joint (from a 30 yr old injury – that was re-injured several months ago) and now have no cartilage in the joint. Needless to say the pain was excruciating, not to mention the tendonitis and bursitis that I’ve had prior to surgery. I starting taking your product this past Saturday when it arrived and have been taking it every day since. I’ve been able to start exercising the joint – albeit- a little at a time and the movement has improved. The chronic pain seems to be diminishing. I did try another product that was highly recommended by a well known physician whom I greatly admire and I had starting taking that a week after my surgery. I did notice some improvement, but it gave me a headache and made my bowels a little upset. Then I did some more extensive research on glucosamine and chondroitin and came across your Syn-flex which has worked great. I believe liquids work much better than any capsule or tablet.

Thank you,
Mesa, AZ

I love to work in my garden, but due to the terrible pain in my knees I was unable to do so. Shortly after taking Syn-flex I was pain free. Now, I am once again able to enjoy my gardening.

Holmes Beach, Florida

I am 86 years old and began taking Syn-flex several months ago. It completely ended my joint pain in a matter of days and you can tell the world I said so.

Bradenton, Florida

Syn-flex has helped a great deal with the pain and swelling in only ten days. I am very glad I found Syn-flex!

New Philadelphia, OH

In December, my husband and I began an exercise/weight loss program. Prior to beginning this program I was experiencing pain in my left shoulder and both my knees. Several of the exercises seemed to exaggerate the pain and I found myself modifying the exercises in order to do them. Scott was on line and came across some information on Syn-flex. He decided to order it for me in hopes that it might help. I was about 6 weeks into our exercise program and not experiencing any relief in the level of my pain. I began taking Syn-flex immediately upon receiving it. Within a couple of weeks I began noticing a difference. I was beginning to notice less pain and that I was actually doing the exercises correctly. I still have days when I experience some pain (weather changes, etc.) but the intensity of the pain is significantly lower. I have only been taking Syn-flex for 6 weeks. I plan to continue taking this product as I feel it has made a difference.

I went to our local health food store in hopes of finding a product that might be compatible to Syn-flex. I wrote down all of the ingredients in Syn-flex. The owner of the store looked at the list of ingredients and told me I had come across something that was great. She said she had nothing even close to what I was taking. She was especially surprised when I told her what I paid for this product.

Tina Day
Convoy, OH

I started the Syn-flex as recommended (double dose for 10 days) and I noticed a little improvement but it was more around the 2 to 3 week area that I noticed a big difference. I still have intermittent dull pain, but nothing like before. My shoulders have been the problem area, and lifting weights was very painful before. I plan on continuing with the Syn-flex, to relieve the pain obviously, but also to insure my joints stay healthy for my lifting program.

Mark Schmidt
Forest Lake, MN

I am on my 10th day of taking Syn-flex and today have woken up to an almost pain free morning for the first time in 2 years. I believe this is really going to work and I don’t want to run out so please ship my order asap.

Fairfield, New Jersey

I have been on Syn-flex now for a little over 12 days,and I must admit it is gradually beginning, to make a difference.

The pain in the base of both thumbs, neck and a couple of finger joints (visible damage on X-ray) is much less now and as I said the improvement sort of happens slowly until one morning you realize that there is definite improvement.

Taking Glucosamine was recommended by my Rheumatologist, but I was not charmed by the capsules that are available here. This liquid formulation is really IT !!

I stopped taking NSAID’s altogether and got rid of stomach aches at the same time. I truly believe now that Syn-flex works and am happy with the result!

Best regards
Jos Linden
Terneuzen, The Netherlands

Your Syn-flex has worked great for me. I’m a police officer & having hip pain was interfering with my work. Since taking the Syn-flex I’m back at work full time again….thank you.

Dave Holmes
Fort Madison, IA

I am really very impressed with Syn-flex. I was in some pain prior to taking the supplement and there were definitely certain activities that I couldn’t undertake e.g. riding my horse and walking upstairs normally. I have now been taking Syn-flex for almost 4 weeks and have forgotten that I have a problem. I ride every day with very little discomfort, I can walk upstairs at any time of the day or night and getting in and out of my car is no longer the painful ordeal it used to be. I’ve just received my second order and will continue to take Syn-flex for the
foreseeable future.

Ingatestone, United Kingdom

After nearly seven years in pain, I am virtually pain free from arthritis after taking the Syn-flex. I have discontinued anti-inflammatory prescription drugs.

San Mateo, CA

Just want to let you know how I am doing. GREAT ! Have been off the Vioxx for about a week & a half now. I took double dose of the Syn-flex for about 10 days ( have arthritis throughout my whole body bad) and am on normal dosage now. I was in a car wreck about 5 years ago and there is permanent damage in my upper back in neck so there is still a littile pain there. Other than that, I no longer have any pain in my feet, knees, or hands.

Many , many thanks.
Pelican Rapids, MN

Hello, my aunt dropped off a bottle of Syn-flex for me. I am on complete disability due to degenerative disk disease in my lower back, and both knees have had total reconstruction, and I have been told they need to be replace. There is little or no cartilage left in either and they are extremely painful.

I began taking the Syn-flex and really didn’t expect too much because I’ve taken glucosamine tablets for quite some time, without much if any relief. Within the first week i noticed less stiffness and was quite surprised at the increased range of motion! I just finished my first bottle, and am so excited and relieved that there is a product that really works!! I have ordered 3 more bottles, and plan on taking this wonderful product as long as you continue to make it available. I also have been passing the good news to my family and friends. Thank you so much for the dedication in making this awesome product!!

Janae Middleton
Lake Isabella, Michigan

From Syn-flex reseller: I just wanted to share something one of my customers told me. She said she has had arthritis for 23 years and use to have to get cortisone injections that really did not relieve her. She has now been taking Syn-flex for 3 months now and has found remarkable results and is able to do more with much less discomfort than before.

Thank You,
Debie L. Smith
Perris, CA

I have experienced less pain in my fingers and right wrist since starting on Syn-flex. I recently had a bout with tendonitis in my right elbow. I’ve done physical therapy for 12 weeks and I have much improved. My point is that since I started to take Syn-flex I have had less pain in my elbow as well. I am pleased and will be continuing to order Syn-flex.

Yours truly,
Lyn Cohen
San Dimas, CA

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with Syn-flex. I could barely get out of bed, let alone play my favorite pastime and sport, tennis. I’ve been on the product for about 8 weeks now; I play tennis twice a week and don’t even need a day to recover! I feel like my knees are 19 years old again…. but this body is much older than that!

Thank you and I’ll keeping taking the product as long as it continues to give me these wonderful results!!!

Stuart G. Brodie
Poway, CA

I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know what’s going on with Syn-flex and me. I am 52 years old and have severe osteoarthritis in my knees. I am overweight as well, and this along with genetics, appear to have completely broken down the cartilage in my knee joints and knee caps. I
first noticed the stiffness and aching about 15 years ago and it has progressively gotten worse each year that goes by. I am unable to get around much, even with mobic for inflammation and morphine every day for pain. My rheumatologist tried hygalen (sp?) injections several times, but they didn’t seem to have any effect as most if not all of the cartilage is gone. I recently saw a orthopedic surgeon who told me I am too heavy to have surgery and wants me to lose 50 pounds before surgery. I am about 100 pounds overweight. Doesn’t he realize that if I could have lost 50 pounds I would have done it long ago?

Anyway–I have been taking glucosamine and chondroitin and MSM in pill form for several years. It didn’t seem to help, but I kept taking it, hoping for the best. I saw a TV feature about liquid glucosamine supplements and how much more effective it seemed to be. I did a search on the internet which led me to your company. The cost for your supplement was about the same as the pill form, so I figured what the heck….

I felt better within days and continue to feel a little better each day. I am on the maintenance dose now and I think the stuff is pretty good. I don’t know when the feeling better part will peak, but week by week I notice improvement. I know Syn-flex can’t cure my problem, but I am much more comfortable with it. Less aching, less grinding, less stiffness. I wasn’t able to stand up and walk around (like grocery shopping) for more than 20 minutes before the Syn-flex but I am now able to stand up and walk around for 1 hour or more if I need to. This means a great deal to me and I thank you for making the Syn-flex.

Carol B.
Guysville, OH

My wife has had severe pain in her left shoulder for several months and it had been getting worse. The doctor gave her 4 choices: Vioxx, Tylenol, Cortisone injection, or Glucosamine. She choose the latter. After 6 days of 1/2 oz per day, there was a noticeable improvement. After 10 days at 1/2 oz/day and several more days at 1/4 oz/day, she has had only occasional twinges of pain and for all intents and purposes, she functions as though everything is normal. Syn-flex is doing a great job and she is very happy with the results.

Howard McVicker
Brillion, WI

Both my son and I are taking the Syn-flex and think it is really a great product. My son has arthritis in his knee from sports and had knee surgery 2 years ago. He is only 26 and since he was taking your product his knee has felt 100x better. I have an inflamed knee and it took almost all of the inflammation away. Even cortisone shots couldn’t do that for more than a couple of days. I have recommended it to all my fellow volleyball players as we are mostly in our 40’s and experiencing joint pain from playing for so many years. I think it is unbeatable in taking away the pain. Thanks for a great product.

Shirley Meschke
Hillsboro, Oregon

I am just finishing my first bottle of Syn-flex. I started to feel a subtle change within a couple days of starting your product. My pain is greatly reduced and I’m sleeping so much better because of it. Now I’m going to start giving it to a show dog that is going to Westminster in February. Wish us luck!

Stillwater, Minnesota

I have very bad knees. I have had two orthoscopic operations and have had knee pain for over 10 years. I have taken 1/4 oz daily of Syn-flex for only the last 9 days and am already Starting to get relief!

Allentown, PA

I have an arthritic condition known as TMJ arthritis where I have constant pain in both sides of my jaw. It is a very painful condition which I have had for several years.

I have seen several specialists including dentists, neurologists, physical therapists with very little success. But after using your product for 5 days, I have noticed a reduction of the pain. I am not totally pain-free yet but your product has proven more effective than all of the arthritis medications I have taken thus far.

M. Albers
White Plains, NY

Two days after taking Syn-flex, I noticed a mark improvement in my osteoarthritis in both my hips. I was able to cross my legs with much ease and much less pain than before.

K.B. Seah
Singapore, Asia

All I can say is my knee pain gone! Thanks!

Bill Bundy
Camden, SC

After the first week I could tell a big difference in my knees. The pain in my right hip has disappeared. Syn-flex is just unbelievable. I’m so pleased with my progress that I’ve quit taking my Celebrex.

Sarah Branch
Garner, NC

I am so fantastically thrilled with Syn-flex. I have suffered from severe arthritis in the knee from a car accident and was contemplating knee surgery replacement. I may sill need a knee replacement further on down the road but the pain is so much more manageable. I hope in time and with continued use I will be pain free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jo Ann Cardone
College Point, NY

I am experiencing a vast improvement in my condition since I began to use Syn-flex. I have a spring back in my step and I am sleeping better. I no longer have to wear my sports ankle supports whilst working in the swimming pool. Thank you.

Pauline Pochin
Herefordshire, England

Each week I am amazingly more flexible and stronger with less and less stiffness and pain. I had sciatica pain — almost all gone. I can golf and carry my golf bag again at age 58.


Less than three days after taking Syn-flex the severe pain in my knees was gone. I’m now able to walk at the mall, go up and down ladders and after playing with my grandchildren, I am able to get up from the floor without any help. I no longer have to live in pain.

Mountainside, New Jersey

I took Syn-flex for a month and it really helped my energy level and overall better feeling. I have Fibromyalgia and current problems with cysts on the inside of my hip and groin area. I have had my second supply now for about four days and can report an improvement in my energy level again along with improved sleep. As you know, sleep is a BIG problem for fibromyalgia sufferers. I ordered the three bottles this time, so hopefully I will see even more changes. I have an appointment with a modern Fibromyalgia/Arthritis doctor at the end
of January, and am hoping to show him my improvement!

Grove City, OH

I have cervical spine degeneration from a car accident. It’s encouraging how much better I am feeling. My lower back pain is gone, and my knees are considerably better. Because my neck is so much better, my muscles don’t tighten up as much. Think of all that I’m saving on ibuprofen!

I have also used Syn-flex for my dog. I have put her on it since she is now 7 years old and before Syn-flex was getting reluctant about jumping into the car. Now she flies into the back seat!

Fort Collins, Colorado

I am a retired military officer who suffered from hip pain for 21 years. After I began taking Syn-Flex, my hip pain was gone. This product definitely works for me.

Holmes Beach, Florida


My arthritis is doing much better. It has certainly gotten down to a dull roar since taking Syn-flex daily. I am so grateful that I have been able to get of of Vioxx except on days when I do a lot of manual work outside in the yard with bending and lifting.

Thanks again, I highly recommend Syn-flex to my friends!

Mary Ripple
Dade City, FL

Since I have been taking Syn-flex, I have been feeling great. My knee is not painful anymore, and doesn’t crack as much after using your product. I have referred many of my friends to your website. My daughter who is a naturopathic doctor says that your product is wonderful. She keeps telling me to continue taking it. I don’t have to go to any more physical therapy sessions. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Lorna Herlache
Rancho Cordova, CA

One of things that prompted me to try Syn-flex is its liquid form (which, like juicing, would guarantee somewhere in the neighborhood of a 48% increase in nutrient absorption).

So here’s our contribution to your volume of testimonials:

At present, there are three middle-aged humans and one 15 year-old shepherd-mix trying Syn-flex — three of the four have been taking it for 8 days, and all are experiencing relief from conditions ranging in severity from: (1) arthritis stemming from years-old injuries (attacked by a mother raccoon when the dog placed himself between it and me), to (2) a ruptured cervical disc of 8 years (neurosurgeon decided that surgery would be “too dangerous and would cause the rest of the spinal discs to eventually blow — like a big zipper”), to (3) spinal disc degeneration causing shooting pains down both legs and involuntary spasms of the buttocks when lying down, which has continued after (and, the medical report states, was actually contributed to by) laser surgery and has stubbornly resisted a series of four cortisone shots over the last year.

One day after receiving Syn-flex, a neurosurgeon advised the spinal disc degeneration would be “chronic” and there was nothing to be done except continue taking controlled drugs for the pain — “known side effects” of which are creating their own misery. Our friend with chondritis of the sternum, picked up his bottle three days ago — and I expect he’ll be reporting similar good results shortly…

No doubt about it, you have a good product — although I pray the FDA and pharmaceutical companies don’t get wind of how well it works or they may try to track you down and try to put you out of business. 🙂

Cheryl Andres
Garland, TX

I have been using your product exclusively for several months now and have noticed quite an improvement in my arthritis.

Earlier this year, the pain in my hip was affecting how I got up from a chair — I had difficulty straightening up and walking. I should mention I just turned 50 in February also. i have osteoarthritis in my feet, toes, knees, hips, hands, elbows, neck and back. The pain had been most severe in my hip, feet, elbows and neck.

My physician had prescribed VIOXX which had initially helped, but as with all medications — there are side effects. For me, it was elevated blood pressure. When I read about your product — I thought “WHY NOT”?

I have been so pleased with this product I have been telling others about it. I recently reordered 2 bottles: one of which immediately went to my Mom (age 72) who has severe arthritis. I truly believe that if Mom had your product 5-10 years ago…she wouldn’t have needed the knee replacement.

I can honestly say I have had such noticeable improvement — and I’ve only been taking 1 tsp./day. On days when I over do it (like walk 4-5 miles) or have worked too much at the computer (and my neck is painful), I simply take a second teaspoon. I am amazed at the difference …..without side effects!

Dona M. Kocylowski
Plymouth, PA

Thank you for your concern, and, of course, I am delighted to let you know about the improvement I have experienced since I started taking Syn-flex.

My arthritis is primarily in my fingers and even though I don’t have any apparent swelling, I was experiencing weakness, pain, and some numbness in the joint areas.

Opening a jar, especially in the morning, was a major and painful task. Now, after about six weeks on Syn-flex most of the pain is gone. I don’t feel anymore as if my fingers would disintegrate whenever I apply pressure, and most of the numbness has disappeared. I really believe that the new glucosamine formula I am now taking is far superior to what I had been taking before in tablet form.

I will continue taking Syn-flex and anticipate continued relief of the pain in my joints!

Marisa Kiedaisch
Santa Monica, CA

I am 45 years of age and have osteoarthritis in my right hip joint for about 15 years. I had been an athlete and fitness fanatic until that time. I still like to keep fit and do as much training as I can, but sports I can play have become increasingly limited. I have done a great deal of research on controlling this problem and taken almost every product on the market
including many different types of glucosamine/Chondroitin products, powders, capsules, and one other liquid product made in Australia. 2 powders and the liquid gave me some relief but I was never completely satisfied with them.

After taking your product for 2 weeks I found a marked reduction in pain. I then cut back to the recommended dosage and noticed that there was some increase in pain again, but it was spasmodic over the next 2 weeks. I have continued with the same dosage and have noticed in the last 2 weeks a continuing reduction in pain to the point where I am experiencing very little.

Only when I land heavily on my right foot and jarring occurs, or when lying on that side for a long period at night do I have any problems. I have also noticed increased range of movement and less stiffness just over the last 2 weeks, with less clicking of the joint. The joint always felt
bruised in the past but at the moment it does not feel any different than the other hip, which indicates a reduction in inflammation. My walking gait has also improved markedly. I don’t want to get too excited at the moment as I have only been taking the product for 7 weeks but at this stage I am very pleased with it and would recommend anyone to give it a go.

I still have 1 of my first 3 bottles to complete and will be ordering another batch soon so I can give it a good 6 months trial. At the moment your product has given me better results than any other I have tried. Thanks for your interest, I will follow up again in another 4 months.

Terry Pitt

I had just the beginnings of stiffness in my hip and decided to try Syn-flex as the Glucosamine in pill form did not seem to be helping. Since I started on the liquid the pain is gone and I have been praising your product to all my friends. I play golf and tennis couldn’t be happier with the results.

Thanks for asking.
Joan Casey
Swansea, MA

I’m happy to report that I am very satisfied with Syn-flex. I had been taking glucosamine tablets before trying Syn-flex, and noticed a difference within a few days after starting with the liquid.

I was able to enjoy the rest of the ski season and then start in on garden work with much more comfort, that is, with less pain and stiffness, and with the confidence that I am using the best product on the market. Plus, as the weeks go by, I continue to sense an improvement in my condition.

Thank you for your interest and for producing and marketing such a great product in such a great way.

Susan Koprowski
St. Gilgen, Austria

Three weeks ago we went to Sea World. I was able to walk up the concrete stairs, at the shows. The stairs do not have railings & I was able to just climb right up. I Thank you for Syn-flex!


Thank you for responding to my short note. In addition to the note, I’d like to tell you that your product has given me more relief from pain since 1957. Having Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since then, I have had hip replacements and broken bones. Nothing, not anti-inflamatory drugs or injections has helped like Syn-flex.

You may use these comments in your campaign to help other people and feel free to contact me in the future. I will not be without Syn-flex for the rest of my life.

Sharon Pickering
Grand Junction, CO

I’ve been taking Glucosamine in pill form for many years and never felt like it was doing anything for me. Syn-flex’s liquid formula has made a positive difference for me after only several weeks.

Longmont, CO

I am very pleased with Syn-flex. I want to take more of it as it is very pleasant tasting. I have osteoarthritis in my right hip and left knee. I am getting better and I am sure this product is part of it.

Ventura, CA

Both my wife and I are using Syn-flex and receiving good benefit. My wife dislocated her knee 8 years ago and the doctor said that she had totally ruptured three of the four ligaments that support the knee. She has been in more or less constant knee pain ever since, complicated by an overweight problem. The Syn-flex is the best product that she has ever used for her knees. It has greatly reduced the pain and we are hopeful that it will rebuild some of the damage. I have had achy knees for some years and likewise, my knees feel better and are improving.

Ken & Trish
Glendale, California

I decided to give Syn-flex a try. I have already had a total right hip replacement, & would like to avoid having to have the left side done. Also, both of my knees do cause me some pain from time to time, so I figured I was a prime candidate for Syn-flex. I was taking CosaminDS capsules, but I asked my doctor about using Syn-flex and he gave me the go-ahead. I am happy to report that halfway into the 1st bottle, I could tell a difference in the mornings when I crawled out of bed at 4am to stagger to the kitchen for that first cup of coffee. There was no more stiffness in my hips or knees!! I am just glad I had the forethought to buy more than 1 bottle, so I will not run out for awhile! I also have a 3 yr. old mini dachshund and if the time ever comes that she begins to show signs of arthritis, I will know to give her Syn-flex. Thanks so much for a super product!!

Trish Deishl
Gresham, Oregon

I have been administrating Syn-flex to my German Shepherd AND taking it myself for about three months. It seems to work real well for my dog, she is still stiff and limping upon getting up from a nap or after a nights’ rest but I am almost positive that Syn-flex has been a life saver for her. I do know for sure that her condition has not deteriorated and that, in of itself, means something! Time will tell. As for myself, I also believe that it has helped my situation which is located in my right shoulder. But I can say this for sure: Typically, when walking on the ranch I would step in pot holes and the like and for the last three years or so I have noticed without question that when miss a step into a pot hole my hips were not as insulated as in years past and that I would feel a jolt and a pain that made me realize that the cartilage is thinning out or something and that there is definitely not as much cushioning as there once was. After taking Syn-flex for about three months I can definitely say that I can take those pot holes without a jolt and without any pain. I know because every time I misstep I marvel at the absence of pain.

This is something I’m not guessing at but the reality of my situation! Feel free to use any part of my letter as a testimonial. I am happy to share my experience.

All the best,
Dan Bravin
Agua Dulce, CA

It has been about a month since I started taking the Syn-flex. I have also been giving it to my aging dog (arthritis of the spine that has caused compromised sensory function in her rear legs and some incontinence as well). Previous to taking Syn-flex I had a terrible problem with multiple injuries to knees over the years, but now I have not noticed as much pain recently and my dog seems to have really perked up.

Barb Kitts
Greentown, IN

I woke up one morning and had a pain under my right shoulder (under my scapula) Thinking it was another muscle pull I let it go for about two months. The condition, not getting better, I the went to a pain Dr. and had a scan done. It was diagnosed as Arthritis in the upper cervical spine area. My Neurologist recommended nothing. I happened to run across your site and saw the comments of a nurse who had what sounded to me like my situation so I decided to give your product a try. In addition to the pain I had I experienced a weakness down my right arm and into my hand and fingers which caused a difficulty in my writing well. Since I ordered my second bottle my wife asked me about it and I realized it has also gone away during the month that I had been taking your product. It took about three weeks to see maximum results, but it did feel better from the first day I tried it. I will keep you advised each month.

Kenton Bennett
Miami, FL

In 1993 I sustained a traumatic injury that led eventually to spinal reconstruction. I was left with limited mobility and dependent on painkillers. Syn-flex changed that picture completely. It had such a major impact on my life that I became the owner of the company in order to share this product with others.

J.R. Rogers
President, Activex America Inc.
Holmes Beach, Florida

My arthritis was in my left shoulder to the extent I could not raise my arm above my head and hardly hold it straight out. Also, in the morning I could hardly bend my fingers

I did not take any medication as I do not like drugs so I was very happy when I found Syn-flex. In about a week to 2 weeks my fingers were completely better and my shoulder is coming along very well. I have been exercising and I can hold my shoulder straight above my head for the first time in years. I have told other people about this amazing product, thanks.


What I’ve noticed the past week (since beginning to take Syn-flex) is that I can finally focus on something else other than pain. It’s decreased to the point where I can actually sleep. And getting up and down is not the ordeal it used to be.


After finishing my first bottle of Syn-flex, I noticed that my back, had completely stopped hurting. In fact, except for some pain in my shoulders, I was pain free. I was ecstatic. However, due to monetary restraints, I haven’t ordered a new bottle yet. Lo and behold, about two or three weeks ago, I woke up one morning, and noticed my back pain had returned. Since then, it has continued to bother me and a few days ago my hips started hurting. I am utterly amazed. I’ve never seen anything like it. When I am on Syn-flex, my pain is gone. Without it, my life is just not the same. It is the first on my wish list as soon as I can save the $30.

Arden, North Carolina

After just a week of taking Syn-flex, the arthritis pain in my knees and arms was gone. I can now dance again.. including the jitterbug.

Bradenton, Florida

I ordered 3 bottles of Syn-flex last month. I have just finished the first bottle and wish to report absolutely the pain and stiffness is gone. I was using Schiffs brand for the last 3 years and hated taking the horse size pills. Please feel free to use my name, I want everyone to know about your product . I will sing it’s praises to all I meet.

Betty Wadler
Santa Cruz, CA

Since I started taken Syn-flex, I’ve noticed tremendous results to my knee area greater flexibility. The pain has significantly lessened in just two days. I want to thank you for finding this product that really works!

Detra Thompson
Kansas City, KS

Dear J.R.

Thank you so much for your concern, it is very rare that the President of a company would take the time to ask that question.

I have had arthritis for about 6 years now and it continues to get worst. Unfortunately, I am allergic to aspirin and cannot take the drugs on the market. The doctor has told me that the only thing that I could do was bear with it! Not an option!

Then, to make things worst, my baby, Nonee, a 12 pound Lhasas Yorkie mix, who is 8 years old, developed arthritis also. My vet put her on Rimadyl and told me about the side effects, which as you are aware are not good. So, I talked with friends and found your web site. I got some for Nonee and she did so well with no side effects. She no longer holds her leg up, she jumps again and is very playful. And for that I am very grateful!

I decided that if Syn-flex was good for her then it would be good for me and it has been great. I cannot say that it has totally taken away all the pain but it has been reduced to the point that I can now walk down the stairs instead of getting down them on my behind! And this was in just a few days of taking it.

I have told everyone that will listen – I am sure that they are tried of hearing it but Syn-flex is GREAT!! Thank you for a wonderful product!

We, Nonee and I, have taken the whole bottle and I will be ordering more today.

Again, thank you!
Jae Stalnaker
Olathe, KS

I take Syn-flex daily and it seems to be the ONLY thing I’ve taken that truly helps my arthritis. Thanks!

Glynda Bergus from Colorado

My osteoarthritis was limited to my right big toe main joint (damaged in my twenties). It had begun to have a background pain that was becoming progressively worse. Prior to this, mild discomfort came and went periodically, and I ignored it. I guess the damage just progressed.

I tried Syn-flex using the double dose for the first 10 days, and then regular dosing. I’m currently about 6 weeks into the program. Bottom line is: about 10% or less of the original pain is left. I’ve bought a bunch of bottles for my sister and mother. Conclusion: product works. My sister,
who had serious pseudo-gout damage to her knees and ankles, experiences relief immediately after taking Syn-flex.

Thank you!
Mike Stancek
Atlanta, GA

This is my second three-month order! I was recently diagnosed with infectious arthritis due to complications from untreated Lyme Disease. Before taking Syn-flex, I could not make a fist with my right hand for nearly two years. After just two weeks on Syn-flex, my pain disappeared, the swelling in the outer joints of my hands was dramatically reduced, and I could use my hands again. This is a remarkable product!

Dr. Jeffrey Burds
University Professor
Fiskdale, MA

The problem that I wished to treat is with my left hip. I had almost constant pain there before I started with the Syn-flex. Now the pain is gone and I am increasing my daily activity hoping to make the hip strong again.

James Ellsworth
Rush City, MN

I am a bank manager and am on my feet a great deal of the day. I am 41 years old. I injured my back as a youth and have dealt with back and sciatic nerve problems for many years. I have been using Syn-flex for four months now to ease my back pain. I have benefited greatly from this product and am making significant progress getting rid of my pain and discomfort.

Bradenton, Florida