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Product Description


For more than 2000 years many cultures throughout the world have regarded red deer antler as nature’s perfect food. Antlers grow very rapidly and are cast each year at the end of winter to start a new growth cycle. They are humanely harvested, without drugs or chemicals, in the velvet stage before they harden into bone while still mostly composed of cartilage and have the highest biological activity. EVA is composed of proteins, 24 amino acids, minerals, including calcium and phosphorus. Specific key compounds contained in EVA include collagen, anti-inflammatory agents such as glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate and erythropoietin, chonablasts and powerful growth factors. These natural compounds work to stimulate red blood cell production and cartilage cell regeneration and development.

Like humans, animals can suffer from joint pain, arthritis and other symptoms of aging and injuries. Giving EVA to your pet can counteract the effects of aging by boosting its immune system, relieving arthritis or joint pain and providing more vitality. Extensive scientific research has proven that EVA is a healthy, natural way to keep your animal companions active, happy and free of pain.

The Benefits of EVA

Thorough veterinary research at a Canadian university has proven that EVA effectively alleviates osteoarthritis in dogs and improves an animal’s gait, performance in daily activities and overall vitality1. Other research confirms this, and lists a number of additional benefits for animals:2

  • relief from clinical arthritis
  • general feeling of well-being
  • improved hair coat
  • improved kidney function
  • accelerated healing of wounds or injuries.
  • Studies also indicate that EVA helps slow the progression and reduce the effects of hip dysplasia among susceptible breeds. There is further indication that it helps promote muscle and bone growth in puppies and speeds the muscle recovery process for athletic animals.
  • Benefits of EVA are noticeable among cats as well.

To read a clinical evaluation of EVA for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs click here.

Because it’s made directly from elk velvet antler, EVA is completely natural. Unlike some artificial products or drugs used to treat animals, EVA is in natural supply and won’t cause harmful side effects. It comes from the farm, not the lab!

Elk Velvet Antler For Pets -Frequently Asked Questions

How do you give QEVA to your pet?
You have two easy methods: Open a capsule and let the pet lick it from your hand or put the powder in the pet’s food.

How many capsules a day?
For a dog up to 40 pounds 1 capsule a day is sufficient. For a dog over 40 pounds 2 capsules a day is recommended.

How long will it take to see benefits?
Each pet is different, so results may vary. However, we expect results to be
shown after a months use. Therefore, two bottles to start are recommended.

Can the product work on cats?
QEVA can work for cats as well as it works for dogs. Adjust dosage appropriately for weight of cat.

Suggested Use:

Elk velvet antler for Dogs

Quantity: 30 capsules. Each capsule contains 280 mg of freeze-dried pure Elk Antler powder in a 60 mg gelatin capsule.

Dosage: (1) capsule per 40 pounds of body weight. Adjust dosage if required.

Warnings: Do not give to pregnant or nursing pets, or those taking anti-cancer drugs.